There comes a time when you have maximized your market share on Amazon US and are looking at expanding to new marketplaces. While Amazon Canada is of course smaller in size than the US market it can be a good way to expand your business and brand internationally with less complications than expanding to the European market. There are a couple ways you can expand to Canada and I will cover them below.

The first and easiest method is to make your products in the US available through Amazons “Global Linking.” You will of course have to have an Amazon CA account started up, you can then go onto the “sell globally” tab and link your FBM and FBA listings to Amazon CA. You can setup several global rules for this, such as a separate shipping rate (which I would highly recommend you do some research into shipping rates from the US to Canada since they are quite a bit higher than shipping domestically to make sure you’re not losing on shipping) or a general percent markup on listings (+10%, +20% etc.) FBA listings will sell for what you sell them for in the US (converted to Canadian dollars of course). Your FBA listings will then be available to Amazon CA customers but will ship from the US when purchased. While this is relatively easy to setup the global linking is frankly very buggy. Not all items will be automatically ported over in my experience and I have encountered some very odd glitches in the past. For example, I tried to setup one item to link to Amazon CA from Amazon US and Amazon automatically translated the item into Japanese for some odd reason. While this method is generally easy to setup, in my experience it doesn’t have a lot of sales volume. Amazon customers expect fast shipping and waiting for 1 and a half weeks for the item to show up will turn a lot of customers off. This method is good for testing out demand or a low effort way to get your listings up on Amazon CA, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a way to seriously expand up there.

The next method, shipping product to FBA Canada:

Shipping product to FBA Canada is generally the way to go if you want to start moving serious volume in Amazon CA. Whether you’re shipping from the US, China, or elsewhere this will give your products Prime eligibility once your product is in the Canadian FCs. If you’re shipping from a US warehouse to Canada keep in mind that you will not be able to buy shipping for an FBA shipment like you can for shipment from a US warehouse to an Amazon US FC. You will need to use a 3rd party account for either small parcel or LTL delivery. You will also need to be setup as a “Non-Resident Importer” with the Canadian government, this also applies to shipping from China direct to Amazon CA FCs. When starting FBA in Canada keep in mind that Amazon’s storage limit is generally much lower than in the US so you will want to start slower and build from there.

The final method, FBM fulfillment in Canada:

There are a number of 3PLs that offer FBM services in Canada. This would generally be for if you have products that are too large to be economically sent to Amazon CA FBA. There’s a number of 3PLs out there that offer this service, the major thing you would want to look for however is if they have a system that integrates with your Amazon CA account directly so you won’t have to upload tracking or generate shipping labels yourself. One good potential way to get started with Amazon CA would be to send a larger shipment from your factory direct to a 3PL that can offer FBM fulfillment as well as FBA fulfillment. You then have the ability to use FBM fulfillment as a backup for when FBA stock runs out and it can then be easier to manage FBA returns/removals and managing your IPI (Inventory Performance Index).

Some things to keep in mind when expanding to Amazon Canada:

Bilingual packaging and manuals – This is not an Amazon requirement, it is required by Canadian law for French and English to have equal prominence of display on retail packaging. Depending on how your product is packaged this could take some re-working. At the very least if your product has a manual then you will need to make it available in French and English for download on your Amazon listing.

Compliance – If your product requires compliance testing, know that having a US equivalent test is not acceptable for Amazon CA. For example, if you have a toy that has passed ASTM US testing standards you will need to have the product tested for Canadian SOR testing. If you try to submit US ASTM testing (or European testing for that matter) for the product listed on Amazon CA it will not be accepted.