PPC Marketing

Having a PPC marketing strategy in place is essential to any e-commerce enterprise.  Even if you are performing well with organic SEO traffic you want to have dynamic PPC campaigns in place to avoid competitors getting cheap clicks on your hard earned keywords.  PPC is also crucial when launching new brands and products in order to get the maximum exposure for the critical early launch period so you can get reviews and grow your product/brand.  For most e-commerce brands and products I recommend focusing on Google and Microsoft ads to start out since they generally have the best ROI.  Social Media marketing however shouldn’t be overlooked since it can also be a great source of traffic and conversions, particularly with re-marketing ads.

PPC Services Offered:

  • Google ads campaign setup and optimization
  • Microsoft campaign setup and optimization
  • Google and Microsoft Shopping ads integration
  • Meta Ad suite setup and integration
  • Re-marketing campaign setup and optimization
  • Campaign Audits and Optimization (if you already have PPC campaigns running)
  • PPC campaign keyword research
  • PPC marketing strategy audit (e.g. how to get the best ROI for splitting budget between multiple platforms)