Amazon Seller and Vendor Consulting Services

I have over 8 years experience managing Amazon Seller and Vendor Accounts for small and medium size businesses. I have helped businesses expand their year over year sales while also solving various technical, compliance, and logistics issues.  If you don’t see your needs met by any of the listed services, please contact me about your problem and I will let you know if I can help!

  • managing FBM
  • setting up Seller Fulfilled Prime FBM
  • managing FBA shipments
  • setting up listings on Seller and Vendor
  • logistics optimization for FBM, FBA, and Amazon Vendor
  • inventory forecasting
  • virtual kit creation
  • building brand stores
  • Amazon customer service
  • product and keyword research
  • expanding from Amazon US to Amazon Canada
  • SEO optimized copywriting
  • optimizing product images for the Amazon format
  • managing PPC ads
  • setting up Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • setting up A+ content
  • dealing with UPC issues
  • MAP and maintaining buybox issues
  • solving unauthorized dropshipper and counterfeit issues
  • transitioning Amazon accounts from Vendor to Seller (and also transitioning some items from Seller to Vendor)
  • flat file updates
  • patent and trademark disputes
  • setting up an Vendor FOB program
  • Submitting CPCs (Child Protective Certificates) and solving compliance issues
  • disputing chargebacks, solving missing Vendor/FBA shipments, and more

I have a wide depth of experience in balancing multiple online sales channels with Amazon Seller and Vendor. I know the Amazon selling world can sometimes be frustrating and opaque with less than helpful Seller Support, aside from dealing with all the usual issues that go with selling a brand on Amazon. My goal is to help businesses that don’t have the capacity to deal with the many issues that can come up while running an Amazon Account as well as optimize your selling strategy to make sure your listings are in the best possible shape so you can maximize profit and sales. If you are having any Amazon related issues, want to expand your business to the Amazon platform, or just want some feedback on how to optimize your Amazon business please contact me to schedule a free consultation. Instead of banging your head against a wall with Seller Support contact me and see if I can help!